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New Zealand Horseback Riding Adventures

A Time to Reflect
by Julie Greig

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Horseback riding has always been one of the best ways to tune into and feel one with nature. To horse ride through country of extraordinary beauty and experience the peace and tranquility of solitary trails, is highly satisfying.

It can also be an awesome way to interact with other cultures and people too. Whether its the fresh air, or just the stress peeling off, many a friendship or romance has formed as a result of a horse riding adventure. We invite you to saddle-up with New Zealand Horseback Riding Adventures. We promise you an adventure you will never forget.

From the miles of ocean beach trails of the fascinating King Country to the sweeping plains of Canterbury, we are dedicated to bringing you the "best of the best", horseback rides available in New Zealand.

Each horseback ride has been chosen overall for their sense of adventure, the expertise of the horse guides, the ability to connect with the cultural heritage of the region and the variety of scenic trails travelled.

There are numerous benefits to participating in our horse back riding adventures, whether you are a beginner or an experienced horseman, you will gain the ability to see nature in a whole new way.

Horse Video

Learn The Secrets of Safe Horse Riding and Having Complete Control and Confidence While in the Saddle...check out... Horse Video

Useful Book

The Principles of Riding

The Principles of Riding By Christina Belton

Complete Handbook of Horses and Horse Riding

Complete Handbook of Horses and Horse Riding By Judith Draper, Debby Sly, Sarah Muir

101 Dressage Exercises for Horse & Rider

101 Dressage Exercises for Horse & Rider By Jec Aristotle Ballou, Lisa Wilcox

Want more horse books? Check it out at Fishpond.

Riding on a horse allows you to travel across vast areas of wilderness and view it from a whole new perspective.

You will also enjoy your holiday on a totally different level - just imagine being able to enjoy a moonlit ride on an isolated ocean beach or sit around a camp fire, singing and partying with the tangata whenua (people of the land).

For those of you who have a little weight to shed and want to physically tone up - Horse riding is an excellent form of exercise, gently toning your whole body, while developing confidence and discipline.

Another great benefit is the reduction of stress. Tension seems to casually melt away as you enjoy the solitude and have time to reflect and tune into nature.

Horses are fascinating animals and highly regarded for their loyalty and intelligence. Theres no better way than spending hours in the saddle to get to know an animal first-hand.

New Zealand horse riding adventures are a unique opportunity to experience true Kiwiana.

Our experienced horse whisperer who has ridden many of the great horse trails of Aotearoa, has compiled a list of horsetreks that he believes capture the "essence" of Kiwi culture and heritage.

So for all you adrenaline junkies and adventure seekers, its time to feel the wind in your hair and a powerful horse between your legs....Lets go saddle-up with the tangata whenua.

New Zealand Horseback Riding Adventures

Seeking to go on a horseback riding adventure, but want to take your own horse?

For many horse people, nothing could be better than trekking the wilderness trails on your own beloved steed.

You know your horse, whats he's capable of and what his fitness level is.

To watch your horse "mate" from a camp fire, while tethered or grazing under the setting sun, brings back deep, latent memories of being an Indian, mongol or Maori.

However there are precautions and preparations that need to be adhered to, if its a care-free horseback riding vacation your after.

Trail riding expert, Rob Stanley, shares with us some valuable horse tips that every horseman needs to know, including:

Choosing the right horse - Planning your ride - Essential horse gear to take along - Terrain to avoid - Getting your horse prepared - Getting you prepared - What foodstuffs to take - Which horsetrekkers to join - Horse injuries - Sustenance for your horse - Camping tips and skills - River crossing tips - Safe riding tips and much more.

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