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New Zealand Backpackers Travel Guide

Welcome to our New Zealand Backpackers Travel Guide.

We have some great information for backpackers, backpackers hostels and backpackers tours in New Zealand.

From what to pack to what to see you’ll know you’re getting the best travel information even before you arrive in New Zealand.

New Zealand is one of the most beautiful countries backpackers or anyone else can visit, with volcanoes, glaciers, geothermal activity, luscious bush, awe-inspiring mountains, endless stretches of beaches, abundant wildlife and much, much more.

It’s renowned worldwide for having a relaxed, friendly, spacious and outdoor adventure lifestyle (think sport, walks, BBQs, and beaches).

When you combine this adventurous outlook with our stunning backdrop you start to see why travellers and backpackers rate New Zealand as the action/adventure/adrenalin capital of the world!

New Zealand’s people (known as “Kiwis”) are well known for their welcoming and accepting nature.

Our history is littered with examples of us leading the world on gender equality, environmental initiatives and peaceful resolutions.

Why Backpacks?

Backpacking is an inexpensive and adventurous way to travel independently for a long time.

It offers opportunities to meet new people while learning about other cultures.

It lends itself to the outdoors and outdoor activities. It provides a sense of freedom and independence that other forms of travel don’t offer.

It allows greater flexibility and choice in travel. Changing plans is as simple as putting on a pack and heading in another direction. There are no bookings to change, no places they need to be.

"When you backpack you are totally self reliant, can stay anywhere, in a hostel or camp ground, you can bush walk or take a bus when you feel like it, you’ve always got a tent for back-up."

Please browse through our great New Zealand Backpackers Travel Guide below.

New Zealand Backpacker Hostels

Backpackers accommodation and budget accommodation offer an affordable option for your New Zealand travel. New Zealand backpacker hostels provide cheap accommodation.

Here you will find, where to book New Zealand backpackers hostels, youth hostels and budget accommodation online in each city throughout New Zealand.

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New Zealand Backpacker Campervans

Travelling around in style and comfort, also suit any budgets on New Zealand Backpacker Campervans.

Backpacker campervans are available in all sizes, and are great for couples, backpackers and independent travelers.

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New Zealand Backpacker Adventure Tours

New Zealand is a paradise for outdoor adventure enthusiasts - Lonely Planet has repeatedly voted it #1 destination. New Zealand adventure backpacker tours offering an inclusive, personal road trip experience with all your accommodation, transport, guide, breakfast and plenty of small activities included!

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New Zealand Backpacker Travel Passes

Flexible New Zealand travel passes for backpacker and independent travellers.

Budget travel passes for multi transport passes, self drive / accommodation combo pass and all offering flexible, good value for money travel around New Zealand.

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New Zealand Backpackers Travel Insurance

New Zealand Backpackers Travel Insurance - This Backpackers policy is for the backpacker or traveller who wants basic levels of cover, including cover for their baggage should it get lost or stolen.

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